Fatbacks a made in heaven BBQ review

The sign outside Says “Slow — Pig funeral ahead”… Reassuring if you’re there for BBQ anything else, maybe not So much . Fortunately,I was hungry.

It’s a little place not far from Fortress Bragg, home of the Airborne and Center of the Universe at least if you are from 18th Airborne Corps.

Any way the BBQ here can’t be beat- at least that s what I’d heard. My mission for the day was to cheek it out and hail it as a Carolina Mecca of BBQ … maybe.



Having forgotten my glasses I ordered the Classic Carolina Burger missing the fine print and didn’t expect what I got.


Looking around as I waited for my beans & burger, I saw the walls were decorated with awards and against the wall in the back was a Big Poppa Smokers Ole Hickory Oven built into the wall with a big Poppa Smokers logo on the front – a good sign for my growling stomach. the burger was just a burger came and I was disappointed to see that I had ordered wrong. What I expected was a burger topped with mouthwatering Carolina Cue but it was just a burger topped with Cheese and Coleslaw… but ‘what a burger’! (pun intended and if you’re from Texas you’ll understand.) This has to be the most tender burger I’ve ever had – it was flame kissed, not grilled, at once juicy and flavorful, my first thought was this should be called the ‘Oh my God’ burger … I could not get enough of it until I tried the beans. Did I mention beans? They were firm, not mushy like a lot of places when they’ve been warming in a pot all day. The taste was sweet but not overpowering and there was something in there that spoke to my soul and told me everything was right in the world.


Then I realized what was in those beans — pineapple! You sure don’t see that in Texas — more to follow on Carolina BBQ in Fayetteville NC.

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  1. Our local barbecue puts pineapple in their beans also. I am not a big pineapple fan, but I do love their beans. If you are anywhere near Weldon, NC check out Ralph’s BBQ!! Keep the posts coming!

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