Fatbacks a made in heaven BBQ review

Fatbacks a made in heaven BBQ review

The sign outside Says “Slow — Pig funeral ahead”… Reassuring if you’re there for BBQ anything else, maybe not So much . Fortunately,I was hungry. It’s a little place not far from Fortress Bragg, home of the Airborne and Center of the Universe at least if you are from 18th Airborne Corps. Any way the […]

Grilling turkey on the smoker

Grilling turkey on the smoker

    My canvas was a 10 pound turkey. I actually delayed this project for a week or so because I couldn’t find anything under 20 pounds – just a bit too much for the wife and me … probably not the dog, but that’s another story.       I’ve had a lot of […]

Grilled pork sirloin roast with (grilled) ratatouille

Grilled pork sirloin roast with (grilled) ratatouille

Ratatouille looks decadent but it’s actually pretty healthy – eggplant, squash, zucchini, onion and pepper … So I grilled up a few sausages to add to it … Then I went full-bore Mongolian BBQ on the vegies. Recipe called for grilling the whole vegetables before cutting them up but I thought it would be much […]

Bacon Brats with Sauerkraut

Bacon Brats with Sauerkraut

Everything is better with bacon – I actually saw this done on Cowgirl’s Country Life, another blog I follow. I decided to try it out –             So we begin with beer and onion in a small pot. Add the steamer to the top and add the brats … Wrapped […]

Book Review: Fire & Smoke

Book Review: Fire & Smoke

The first BBQ book I ever bought was Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Book. I’d never heard of Big Bob and I had no idea who Chris Lilly is but the reviews on Amazon were pretty good and I wanted to move up to BBQ from just plain old grilling. If you haven’t read it, it’s […]

Honey mustard chicken with bacon mac & cheese

Honey mustard chicken with bacon mac & cheese

Because good ideas are best considered over a libation: I tried a new Mexican craft amber ale … I had come home from work and the cupboard was seemingly bare – four chicken thighs and a box of generic mac & cheese … what to do?  I started looking around the kitchen and found Noemi’s […]

Chorizo Burgers

I was looking for a good carne asada recipe and came across this ‘Mexican burger’ entry on Yumley. So I picked up about a pound of caseless chorizo (Mexican sausage) and about two pounds of ground beef: I grated a large onion and added it to the hamburger mixture along with a cup of bread […]

Gear review: Redi-Chek Wireless BBQ Thermometer Set

I’m all about convenience when cooking – why make it hard? So when I read about this wireless thermometer on amazon, I grabbed it. Here’s what I got:         Digital thermometer, a receiver (so you can do more than just sit by the grill…) two probes: one for the meat and the […]

Stuffed Jalapenos

This is the most recent evolution of my stuffed jalapeno recipe. I started out with one of those pepper shaped trays, a coring knife (I am a sucker for gadgets even if they don’t work well). A shot of the pathetic gadget pepper tray that doesn’t work for me: Here’s an early shot of me with […]

Grilled lamb

I wanted to do something different while Christine and Nick were visiting – we’ve usually roasted lamb with potatoes but this is Texas – seems to call for something different. So I butterflied the leg, picked some fresh rosemary from the yard and anointed it with olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary: I let it […]

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